hi! i’m emily prentice and WAYWARD DAUGHTER is my taurus-born creative brainchild. i’m an illustrator, zine maker, quilter, teacher, and organizer living in elkins, wv. my primary focuses in all things are connectivity and collective liberation. this includes my art practice, the way i structure my business, and the way i try to financially interact with my community

wayward daughter exists now as several things:

a zine publisher

a fiber arts studio

a design center

a teaching practice

a book- and art-mobile made from a converted tricycle

wayward daughter will exist later in a storefront space with friend and business partner brittany hicks of sassafras workshop

inspirations include: activism, radical DIY, growing veggies, sobriety as intersectional feminism, libraries, herbalism, quilts, zine parties, riot grrrl, community, the interconnection of all things, moon stuff

to learn more or reach out, find me on instagram or facebook, or contact me here!